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Anne Hathaway Is a Blonde Now

This weekend, probably in a desperate attempt to seem fun, Anne Hathaway dyed her hair blonde. So far, the only picture of her new strands is a selfie that she posted on Instagram, and the hair would look fine if she wasnt wearing a fedora over it. This blonde is definitely an improvement over her bleached hair at the 2013 Met Gala, when she was still growing out her hair from getting a fugly boy haircut during Les Mis. Were not sure whether she dyed it for a role or just for fun, but most likely shes just bored while pregnant and sitting at home 24/7. Ditch the fedora Anne, then maybe you can sit with us.

Be honest. Did I unwittingly dress like a fashion scarecrow this morning?

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Naturally, Gwyneth Paltrow is covered in goop on Goop’s first magazine cover

Image: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Fast Company

Goop has officially leapt beyond your screen and has headed towards newsstands this month with a new magazine featuring Gwyneth Paltrow right on the cover, naked and covered in goop, of course.

The new quarterly publication is a being made in collaboration with Condé Nast and will focus on topics like wellness, beauty, crystals, and bee-venom treatments—your typical Goop content. 

On the cover, Paltrow looks comfortable being nearly nude and completely covered in mud. Thanks to a preview from Vogue, we know a bit of what the actress and health advocate will discuss in her first editor’s letter. 

“I remember standing in a hippie health-food store in Greenwich Village,” she writes, according to Vogue. “And I saw a little paperback book describing a ‘master cleanse,’ and I was like, ‘What’s that?’ I remember the next day [after I finished the cleanse] I was like, ‘Oh, wow, I just did this cleanse, and I feel so much better. I can have a beer and a cigarette now, right?'”

Riveting! According to the site, the issue will also delve into “a do-anywhere Tracy Anderson workout, fall fashion recap, and a how-to for having better orgasms.”

Despite the recent shuttering of many print publications, Goop magazine is retailing for almost $15 and people have a lot of thoughts about the new project. 

Can Goop singlehandedly revive print or will it eventually pivot to video? Stay tuned on Sept. 19, when the magazine is released on newsstands, to find out. 

Viral frat bros donate 37 Taylor Swift tickets to Big Brothers Big Sisters

A “Shake It Off” lip dub video from the Transylvania University chapter of the Delta Sigma Phi-Beta Mu fraternity came full circle on its virality this week when 37 kids from the local Big Brothers Big Sisters program got to go to a Taylor Swift concert.

It’s been a strange journey.

Back in September of 2014, the frat brothers uploaded their lip dub to YouTube to help raise money for their team in the Leukemia and Lymphoma SocietyLight The Night Walk.

The videowhich was shot in a single, cutless takegot way more pickup than the bros had expected, and within days Taylor Swift had vowed to invite them to her next Kentucky show on Twitter.


Which brings us up to this month. Swift’s 1989 world tourwas scheduled to stop in Kentucky, and true to her word, she sent the fraternity enough tickets for each of the brothers and a date to attend.


But instead of bringing dates, the brothers donated their plus-one tickets to their local Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter, and gave 37 kids the chance to come with them to see Taylor Swift live.

It was reportedly a lotof the kids’ first concert experience ever, and if the tweets are any indicator, everyone had a great time.

In true frat fashion, the brothers made custom T-shirts to commemorate the occasion:


Then, during the seating process, Swift played the lip dub on the big screens:

And, as a cherry on top, Swift and her dad swung by to chat:



The brothers may not have planned it this way, but their video might go down in the books as the most successful lip dub of all time.

H/TJezebel | Screengrab via Delta Sigma Phi/Twitter

What can you buy in Mosul? ISIS ban on barbers, clothes and toys is lifted

Mosul, Iraq (CNN)In June 2014, ISIS drove Iraqi forces out of Mosul, and took control of the vibrant city of 2.5 million people located on the River Tigris. It was one of the terror group’s most strategic wins.

In the brutal months that followed, Iraq’s second-largest city transformed into a wasteland. Buildings collapsed, residents fled and many innocent lives perished.
In addition to the humanitarian crisis taking place, an economic crisis also loomed.

      Drone footage shows Mosul’s devastation

    Many shops under the terror group’s new laws were deemed beyond the pale. Liquor stores, barbers and even toy shops were closed down.
    Others were shelled to pieces.
    Then in October 2016, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the mission to retake the key city. For the next 9 months, the battle for Mosul raged.
    In July this year, al-Abadi declared Mosul free from ISIS.
    As Iraqis celebrated, many shopkeepers began reopening their stores.
    CNN spoke to shop owners who are back in business about their experiences during and after the ISIS occupation.

    Dakheel Amir — liquor

    When ISIS captured Mosul, Dakheel Amir, aged 37, says he fled 45 kilometers north of the city to his birthplace, Shekhan District,and left his liquor store behind. Selling or consuming liquor under ISIS rule was illegal.
    Before the city fell, Amir says beer, whiskey, vodka and the Levantine spirit, arak, were his best sellers. Although the majority of people in Mosul are Sunni Muslim, who don’t consume alcohol, there are also large communities of Christians and Yazidis, such as Amir, who do.
    After Mosul was recaptured, Amir returned to rebuild a tiny new shop, his old one having burned down, in the western part of the city.
    “The sales figures are high and maybe even better than they ever were before,” he says. “But there is always a sense of fear from the unknown.”
    As such, he has installed an iron gate at the front of the shop to protect himself from an attack. Even though the city has been liberated, he says he will always remain fearful. He didn’t want his store photographed for this article for security reasons.

    Abdullah Risan — women’s clothing

    Trying to run a women’s clothing store under ISIS was difficult, to say the least, admits Abdullah Risan, aged 40.
    “Most of the clothes we sold were considered forbidden during the terrorist era,” he says. “Except for Islamic fashion, which is nothing more than a mere black cloth.”
    He used to sell women’s underwear, dresses, skirts and jeans. But once ISIS took over, Risan had to dispose of his stock.
    The group only permitted him to sell clothing that covered a woman’s entire body from head to toe, including hands and feet. The garments had to be plain black without any inscriptions, he says.
    It was even forbidden for Risan to use mannequins to display his clothes. And during some periods, men were prevented from selling women’s underwear — these items became limited to shops run by women, which men could not enter.
    Risan says his store, located in the popular shopping area of Nabi Yunus market, is now flourishing.
    “Today, life has gone back to normal in many ways,” he says. “We offer whatever we want publicly without fear.”

    Sarmad Habib — CDs

    Sarmad Habib, aged 32, had only just started selling music and movie CDs when ISIS entered Mosul.
    Once the city was captured, the terror group declared music and singing forbidden, saying the sounds represented forms of summoning the devil.
    Instead of shutting his store down, Habib transformed it into a cafe. ISIS attacks, however, eventually reduced it to rubble.
    Although at that point, it seemed to Habib that he had lost everything, right now he is hopeful.
    “With the liberation of the city, I was able to re-open my CD shop with the latest music,” he says. “Now I sell the most modern and distinctive movies, and there is a strong demand for it.”

    Issam Rabie — cellphones and electronics

    Issam Rabie, aged 29, sells what he considers to be the most vital products in Mosul — cellphones and SIM cards.
    “Some people work for months just to purchase a smart phone and enjoy its features,” he says. “And yet selling smart phones was completely banned during ISIS’s rule.”
    The group cracked down on smartphones, Rabie says, because they didn’t want citizens filming and photographing what was happening in Mosul.
    If someone was caught with a smartphone, its owner and the device would get taken away, he says.
    Consequently, many people downgraded to a regular cellphone that could only make calls and send text messages. But even then, he says you could still get fined for using a phone in public.
    After ISIS’ departure, demand for smartphones has soared, and Rabie says his shop in the Al-Samah neighborhood is booming.

    Abu Ali — cigarettes and shisha

    Smoking shisha or cigarettes was forbidden in public or private under ISIS.
    Abu Ali, aged 57, says when the group entered Mosul, he had one month to get rid of his stock. But his shop wasn’t the only way to make a profit, as the desire to smoke was high in Mosul.
    “The beauty of the situation was that many ISIS members were smokers,” he says. “So when cigarettes became scarce after the ban, they contacted undercover distributors.”
    Now, the public selling of cigarettes is lawful again and Abu Ali says his shop, located in the Nabi Yunus market, sells the most luxurious brands.

    Hassan Ali — toys

    Under ISIS rule, the sale of any toys that resembled humans or animals was banned — a toy that mirrored a figure was seen as a material personification of the image of God.
    Hassan Ali, aged 27, owned a toy store in the Al-Muthanna district. He tells CNN that in addition to figured toys, he was also prohibited from selling musical toys.
    “During this period, I suffered heavy losses,” Ali says. “Many of us were forced to shut down our shops or sell other unprofitable products.”
    A few months after ISIS’s departure, Ali says demand for children’s toys is high as a result of the repression children suffered during the occupation, and the limitations they had on possessing toys other than swords or cars.

    Abu Ahmad — barber

    Barber shops for women were completely banned under ISIS law. Barber shops for men, however, could operate — but only within specific rules.
    “We were not allowed to design different or weird-looking hairstyles,” Abu Ahmad says. “The most important one that we had to stay away from was the faux hawk.”
    Furthermore, Abu Ahmad and other barbers were prohibited from cutting beards, allowing customers to grow mustaches, threading facial hair, dying hair and using face cleansers.
    Abu Ahmad’s store shut down at the beginning of the occupation, but is now back in business in the Al-Khadraa neighborhood.
    “The profits from this little shop is what I used to provide for my children,” he says. “After I shut it down, I found a way to escape Mosul and I have only returned a month ago.
    “For more than two years, Mosul lost all its natural features with the presence of ISIS. We only saw darkness during the night and during the day.”
    Now that the city is liberated, Abu Ahmad says life is finally back to normal.

    New Apple Watch coming this fall with better battery, no design change, report says

    Image: Lynne Cameron, PA Wire, aP

    The Apple rumor mill is heating up once again, just weeks before the release of the iPhone 7, but this time the news about the Apple Watch.

    However, instead of incremental software upgrades or new watch band designs, the latest rumor claims that Apple will release two new versions of the Apple Watch in the second half of this year.

    According AppleInsider, referencing a Sunday night note from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, one version will include an improved processor, while the other version, referred to as the Apple Watch 2, will include a GPS radio and a barometer for “improved geolocation capabilities.”

    The report also claims that the Apple Watch 2 will have a higher capacity battery to support the additional features.

    Apple Watch 2, will include a GPS radio and a barometer for “improved geolocation capabilities.”

    Owners of the current Apple Watch will also be relieved to know that the analyst report says that the exterior design of the Apple Watch will remain the same, which means current owners won’t feel out fashion just because of the new upgrades.

    On that note, the Kuo report also expects the smartwatch, which was aggressively promoted by Apple as a fashion accessory, to retain its general design into 2017 as well.

    Although rumors leading up to an Apple event must always be taken as speculation, it should be noted that Kuo has a strong track record of obtaining reliable early information on Apple products.

    The release of new Apple Watch hardware would fall in line with the scheduled release of its new software, watchOS 3.0, this fall.

    The Best One Piece Swimsuits For Girls With Big Boobs

    Shopping for swimwear is pretty much the most miserable activity for everyone in the world besides maybe like, Chrissy Teigen, but it’s especially shitty for betches with big boobs. The one piece trend is basically fashion’s middle finger with a tacky acrylic nail to anyone with more than a C cup. Without exaggerating (which is like, physically painful for me because I effing love exaggerating), I’ve probably tried on more than 100 one pieces and have only found a couple that actually really fit properly. I’d literally rather go on bad Tinder dates for a week straight then every try on another ill-fitting one piece. Because I’m like, so nice (lol) and want to share my findings with the rest of the big titty committee, here are the absolute best big boob suits I’ve found.

    V-Neck Swimsuit, H&M

    Finding this one piece was practically a spiritual awakening for me. It has everything I’ve ever wanted in a swimsuit; an open back, a little side boob window, a cheeky bottom and high-cut legs. Normally, I can’t wear anything with an open back that shows off side boob, but this little masterpiece has adjustable straps to prevent gravity from shitting all over my entire life.

    Plunge One-Piece, Victoria’s Secret PINK

    Halter tops are totally perfect for big boobs, as long as they’re easily adjustable. This one has removable padding, which is something you should always look for in swimwear if you’re “busty.” (Seriously, can we come up with a new word to replace busty? It’s like, so gross.) Anyway, a lot of extra padding can make you look bulkier than you are, and considering your boobs are probably already bigger than the padding, you’ll end up with mystery bulges all over your chest if it’s a bad fit. Removing the padding is totally a game changer if you haven’t tried it yet.

    Dollfin, #Chokeonthis

    You know when you find a swimsuit on Instagram but you’re terrified to buy it because literally everything looks so much better on IG? Well, I was feeling adventurous AF and ordered this anyway. I’m so glad I did, because the lace up front magically shows off and holds up boobs at the same exact time. The best thing about this is the lace up is super adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about what size to order considering the fact that you’re typically an XS bottom and an XL top; just order whatever size you’d typically get in bottoms.

    Ruffle-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit

    Normally, I’d tell anyone bigger than a B cup to avoid ruffled swimwear harder than I’d advise avoiding a dude who uses the pretty filter on Snapchat, but I was so surprised when I tried this one on. The ruffle is on the shoulders, so it doesn’t create an optical illusion that adds 100 pounds to your figure like most ruffled tops would. The fabric of this one piece is basically Spanx. So amazing.

    Calvin Klein Logo Classic One-Piece Swimsuit, Macy’s

    Realistically, we’d all wear literal trash bags if they said Calvin Klein across the front. Thanks, Bieber. Anyway, this super simple design is super flattering, too. Like I said, adjustable straps are lifesavers. Plus, the material is lined and really comfortable. I surprisingly have zero complaints about something for once!

    The bottom line: When shopping for one pieces as a betch with big boobs, adjustable shit is key. One pieces are tricky because unlike two pieces where you can mix-and-match sizing, there’s no way you can describe your body as small, medium or large when you have ~curves~. Whether that’s straps or a lace-up front, look for designs that have some kind of movable feature that you can easily tailor to your own shape. 

    Our Top Wedding Trend Predictions For 2019 Betches

    Another year, another parade of invitations, registries, and all the bullsh*t that goes with weddings. Weddings are super fun, don’t get me wrong. But when you’re super #popular and get invited to more than one per month, they quickly become exhausting. The good news, though, is that we’ve gotten super amazing at spotting trends. We’re like J.Lo in The Wedding Planner, minus the crippling loneliness and love-match with Matthew McConaughey.

    Here’s to hoping 2019 is the year that mason jars and burlap finally eat sh*t and die as acceptable wedding decor. Fingers crossed that boots with wedding dresses becomes a fashion offense so serious it stays on your permanent record. These are the wedding trends that you’ll probably see this year, like them or not.


    Less blush and pastel, more maroon, emerald, and black. 2019 weddings will be more edgy in terms of color than previous years, when we saw light and feminine color overkill. This is 100% grool with us, considering black is all we own and working it into a wedding just feels right. There are tasteful ways to incorporate dark, mature colors without turning it into a goth wedding, and we’ll be seeing a lot of this.

    “Cheese” Cakes

    This one goes out to all the brides, grooms, and wedding guests that couldn’t give two sh*ts about wedding cakes. No one eats them, they’re crazy expensive, and they very often don’t live up to expectations. Those reasons and others could be why we’re expecting to see an uptick in “cheese” cakes at weddings this year. We don’t mean a multi-tiered NY Style Cheesecake from cousin Vinny’s mom. We’re talking about a literal tower of cheeses like brie, gouda, and/or gruyere arranged to give off cake vibes. Europeans have been offering cheese courses as dessert for like, ever, and we all know they’re better at everything anyway.

    Smoke Bombs

    Yikes. We’ve been waiting for, like, a while for something to dethrone sparkler exits at weddings. Word on the street and Internet is that colored smoke bombs will become the go-to for flashy goodbyes at 2019’s weddings. Think gender reveal, but more elaborate. I’m literally dying to see the “wedding smoke bomb fails” compilation on YouTube in approximately five months.

    Banquet Tables

    Banquet tables make guest feel like they’re more involved in the reception and wedding action, and they’re making a comeback this year. Instead of individual dinner tables that require you to VERY carefully choose who’s sitting next to who, banquet tables allow for everyone to be a part of the cool kids’ table even if they are, in fact, v lame.


    Yassss. Velvet has been creeping it’s way back from the 80’s slowly and surely over the last two years, and 2019 may finally be the time it makes its mark on the wedding industry. Look for velvet smoking jackets on grooms (really), velvet two piece dresses for bridesmaids, velvet ribbons on flowers, and even velvet table runners. If you’re the bride, though, be sure to work with specialty linen companies to nail this trend as it can look v tacky when it’s done wrong.


    Eucalyptus, ferns, and roses will never stop being a go-to for flower arches or decor. But in 2019, we’ll start to see soft, wild grasses like wheat and pampas utilized more frequently. It goes with the whole trend of bringing neutral, natural beauty to nuptials without a) adding in several thousand for flowers and b) having to get matchy-matchy with your wedding party attire. If it’s done right, I’m totally into this.

    Natural Beauty

    Well, Meghan Markle did something right. Turns out the actress’ penchant for very natural makeup on her wedding day has translated pretty well to us common folk. In 2019, there’ll be less dark lipstick, crazy stage makeup, and overly intense highlighter adorning brides. Think more soft, pink, and natural-hued lips paired with light smoky eyes for this year.

    Obviously, weddings are super personal, and everyone has their own taste, but we all have access to the same sh*t on Pinterest. How are we feeling about these trends? Honestly, I might be excited to start going to weddings again.

    Images: Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash; The HK Photo Company / Unsplash; Giphy (2)

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