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Obesity now linked to 12 different cancers

Earlier studies found links between excess body mass and seven different cancers, but new evidence has found five more

Obesity is linked to as many as 12 different forms of cancer, according to a major new report which advises giving up bacon and swapping sugary drinks for water as part of a 10-point plan for avoiding the disease.

Up to 40% of cancers are preventable, says the World Cancer Research Fund, launching its updated report on the reasons for the global spread. While smoking is still the biggest cause of cancer, WCRF says obesity will overtake it within a couple of decades in countries like the UK. The fund advises that our unhealthy modern lifestyle and the promotion of junk food has to end if people are to avoid the disease.

Watching screens, whether computers at work or the TV at home, is bad for adults and children because it is sedentary. Physical activity, including walking, is protective. Processed meats and too much red meat are linked to bowel and other forms of cancer. Sugary drinks cause people to put on weight. Alcohol is also calorific and linked to bowel, breast, liver, mouth and throat, oesophagus and stomach cancers.

Ten years ago, WCRF identified links between obesity and seven cancers. Today, the evidence shows links to 12, says the report presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna. They are cancers of the liver, ovary, prostate (advanced), stomach, mouth and throat, bowel, breast (post-menopause), gallbladder, kidney, oesophagus, pancreas and womb.

It is impossible to work out how many cancer-free years a better lifestyle could buy people, says WCRF, but a spokesperson said we do know that around 40% of cancer cases are preventable and that eating a healthy diet, being more active each day and maintaining a healthy weight are after not smoking the most important ways you can reduce your cancer risk.

WCRF says one in six deaths globally are already caused by cancer. As more countries adopt western lifestyles, moving less and eating more junk food, the number of new cases of cancer is expected to rise. At the current rate, the number of cases around the world will increase by 58%, reaching 24m per year by 2035. The global cost of cancer, it says, is projected to be an astonishing US$458bn by 2030.

It is the whole diet that matters not just giving up sugars or salami. WCRF recommends that people cut down on fast and processed convenience foods. In February the Guardian revealed that more than half the UK diet was made up of ultra-processed foods.

Our research shows its unlikely that specific foods or nutrients are important single factors in causing or protecting against cancer, said Dr Kate Allen, WCRFs executive director of science and public affairs.

Rather, different patterns of diet and physical activity throughout life combine to make you more or less susceptible to cancer. Our cancer prevention recommendations work together as a blueprint to beat cancer that people can trust, because they are based on evidence that has now proved consistent for decades.

This is the third expert report on global cancer prevention that WCRF has published the others were in 1997 and 2007.

Individuals can help reduce their cancer risk by living a healthy life, but governments have a responsibility too, it says. Public health policies and regulations that reduce the advertising and marketing and discounting of junk and processed foods and make it easier to walk, cycle and be active are vital, the report says.

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Prof Linda Bauld, Cancer Research UKs prevention expert, said: This report supports what we already know the key to cutting cancer risk is through our way of life. Not smoking, keeping a healthy weight, eating and drinking healthily and getting more active all helps. A bacon butty or glass of wine every so often isnt anything to worry about, its the things you do every day that matter most. Building small changes into your daily life, like choosing sugar-free drinks or walking more, can add up to a big difference for your health. She also called on the government to act to curb junk food marketing.

Quick guide

WCRF’s 10-point plan for avoiding cancer

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  • Keep your weight within the healthy range and do not put on the pounds in adult life
  • Be physically active
  • Eat a diet rich in wholegrains, fruits, vegetables and beans
  • Limit fast and processed foods high in sugar, salt and fat
  • Limit red and processed meats – for processed meat like bacon and salami the evidence is very strong. Red meat should not be consumed more than three times a week
  • Limit sugar-sweetened drinks
  • Limit alcohol – to prevent cancer it is best not to drink
  • Do not consume food supplements – get your vitamins and minerals from healthy foods
  • Breastfeed babies if you can – good for the mother and child
  • After a cancer diagnosis, follow the WCRF recommendations if you can






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The WCRF has launched an online cancer health check tool to allow people to assess their own lifestyle and risk.

A separate presentation at the conference suggests that obesity plays a part in malignant melanoma a form of skin cancer that is the fifth most common in the UK, causing 2,000 deaths a year. Magdalena Taube and colleagues at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden have shown that obese people who undergo stomach-shrinking bariatric surgery and lose a quarter of their weight have a dramatically decreased risk of the cancer.

The data showing a 61% drop in risk came from the long-running 4,000-strong Swedish Obese Subjects study, with follow-up of 20 years. Half had bariatric surgery and half did not. Our study indicates it is not the sun exposure, said Taube. It is the obesity that drives this melanoma. The subjects are all Swedish residents who do not have a great deal of sun exposure.

Taube also cites a study in the US of war veterans, in which black subjects had a higher rate of malignant melanoma than those with more sun-susceptible white skins. One possibility, she said, is that this is a different type of melanoma which is not affected by the suns radiation.


‘People just have less time now’: is the Mediterranean diet dying out?

Parents and experts in southern Europe digest the WHOs warning this week on fast food

Possible suspects in the demise of the Mediterranean diet are not hard to find in the food court of Plenilunio, a giant mall not far from Madrid airport that offers customers 138 shops, a multiscreen cinema and dozens of restaurants.

If visitors are not in the mood for a McDonalds, Burger King or Subway, theres a KFC, a kebab restaurant, a noodle place, a sandwich bar, a tex-mex joint, a US-style diner or two Italian chains. Steak lovers can choose between Argentinian, Brazilian or American options, while a lone outlet meekly peddles healthy Asian food.

Conspicuous by their absence barring a couple of tapas restaurants are places offering the kind of traditional Spanish food that forms part of the celebrated Mediterranean diet.

This week the World Health Organization said the fabled healthy way of eating was dead, as far as children in Spain, Italy and Greece were concerned. Fruit, vegetables, fish and olive oil had given way to sweets, fizzy drinks and junk food, leaving more than 40% of nine-year-olds in those countries overweight or obese.

Mischa_Daily Mail

The Mediterranean diet for the children in these countries is gone, said Dr Joo Breda, head of the WHOs European office for prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases. There is no Mediterranean diet any more.

Bredas lament met with a little scepticism from Mara Reguera, who was sitting in the food court at Plenilunio with her parents and three-year-old daughter. I dont think its so much of a problem because if you look at the nurseries and schools, they teach children about good habits like eating fruit and vegetables, she said. People just use places like this at the weekends or for after-school snacks. I still cook at home and Im not worried.

Her mother, Cristina Rojo, said social changes had brought about a break with past conventions. I think the problem is that young people work nowadays and they have less time to cook, she said. Before, women werent working and they had more time to cook. People just have less time now. They just do whats easiest.

Despite that, said Rojo, home-cooked weekend lunches were still a sacred part of Spanish life.


This Is What Kourtney Kardashian Eats To Stay Healthy

I’ll be totally honest that I don’t exactly Keep Up with the Kardashians, but like, I hate-stalk Kylie with every fiber of my being, so that’s got to count for something. But in terms of the OG Kardashian sisters, I don’t know a whole lot about them, other than what I gather from other Betches articles. Like, Kim is the vain one (I am the Kim of my family), Khloé is the funny one, and Kourtney is the healthy one who like, cares a lot about eating organic and gluten-free shit. Right? I think I’ve got the bases covered. And given that Kourtney is also the hottest one (don’t fight me on this; her face has changed the least over the years compared to her sisters), it’s understandable why people would want to know what Kourtney Kardashian eats. How does she look better at age 38 with three kids than I do after a good week where I stick to my diet and fitness regimen? I mean, probably because she has a very expensive plastic surgeon personal trainer and her livelihood literally depends on her having a desirable physique. But other than that, her diet probably plays a role. So what does Kourtney Kardashian eat to stay skinny? Let’s investigate. Diet-Banners-250x250

On Kourtney’s members-only website (who is paying for this?), she revealed some key ingredients she swears by. As we all know, Kourtney went gluten- and dairy-free last spring, but she also has a serious sweet tooth, because LOL! She’s just so relatable. Kourtney previously told that she uses gluten-free flours like almond and sweet rice flour. Groundbreaking stuff. She also uses lots of coconut products like coconut oil and coconut flour. Apparently, behind the paywall on Kourtney’s website, you can find recipes for some of her fave coconut recipes, like coconut macaroons and pudding. And that’s how she sticks to her diet while still “indulging” in bootleg desserts that sound gross. IDK, I feel like if you’re about to go bake a cake out of coconut flour, you should either just make a regular fucking cake or eat some fruit. It’s like Ron Swanson says: Don’t half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.

If there are people out there who are really paying to see Kourtney Kardashian’s coconut macaroon recipe, please comment below because I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

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The 5 Grains You Need To Add To Your Diet Like, Yesterday

We all learned in like, infancy, that carbs are evil incarnate. But it would probs surprise you to know that working whole grains into your diet is actually like, good for you. They won’t make you fat, and they could actually make you live longer. Shit, they’ll even reduce cholesterol, improve your heart health, keep you full, and make you better at sex. One of those things was not true. But like, aside from rice and couscous, what else is there in the grain world? (And don’t say pasta.) We rounded up a few so that you don’t have to traipse through the aisles of Whole Foods’ self-serve bulk area for longer than is absolutely necessary.

1. Amaranth

Ever heard of it? Probs not but that’s okay. Amaranth is full of protein, calcium, fiber, AND iron so naturally it’s great for you. You can cook it and add it to your morning oatmeal, use it as a rice or pasta, or just eat the raw seeds for extra crunch (jk, don’t do that). Oh, and it’s gluten-free for all you fake celiacs out there.

2. Oats

Yawn. Oats are totally boring and have been a snoozefest at breakfast for years, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy. As told by the frightening Quaker man on the box whom I’ve had nightmares about, oats are super heart healthy and can keep you full for more than breakfast. If you really hate oatmeal, sprinkle whole oats into your baking adventures or make a savory oat porridge and serve it with something fancy. Really.

3. Quinoa

Quinoa was a super popular buzzword (buzz-grain?) a few years ago, but just cause it’s kinda gone out of style doesn’t mean it lost its benefits. If you aren’t super tight with heart disease, diabetes, and being a fat fuck, this should be your go-to grain. It’s also a complete protein since it actually contains all nine essential amino acids. The ancient Incans must’ve been some healthy motherfuckers.

4. Barley

Do the cholesterol goblins keep you up at night? Me either, but keeping them at bay still isn’t a bad idea. Whole grain barley (not pearled, which is the not-as-healthy variety with the germ and bran removed) lowered cholesterol by A LOT for people in a study who apparently had to eat it for five weeks. That’s a lot of barley, but the benefits are legit. It’ll also keep you fuller for longer, making you less likely to reach for a candy bar later.

5. Freekeh

The name is stupid, the benefits are not. And no, it is not the first half of the hook to a Petey Pablo song. This ancient wheat is super low carb and has four times the fiber of brown rice. This shit also has more vitamins and minerals than other grains. FUCK, it even helps digestion. I guess the real question is why aren’t you already inhaling this? You can make it rice style and serve for dinner OR get kinda weird with it and make a sweeter version for breakfast. Oh, and if you can’t find it, head to the Middle Eastern section of the grocery store.

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How To Avoid Getting Fat At Your Summer Internship

Internships are just one of those things betches have to endure at some point in their lives. Like, as much as wed prefer to spend our summer sleeping in until 11 and tanning until 7, sometimes weve gotta suck it up and get our shit together. So, now that weve established that well be sitting in a cold, lifeless office 9-5 from Monday through Friday, lets focus on staying fit while doing so. With the combo of catered intern lunches from Quiznos and the obvious requirement of sitting on your ass all day, its not easy to stay skinny all summer. Like, this one job might look good on your resume, but its still not worth gaining an extra 20 pounds in two months. Heres how to avoid getting fat at your internship.

1. Squeeze In An At-Home Workout

Not everyone is a psychotic morning person, so if you cant make it to the gym before work, we get it. Like, people who wake up at 5:30am and are are checking in at Equinox by 5:55 are just not human, so lets not even pretend thats an option. If you really want to squeeze in a workout, your best bet is to find a quick at-home workout online that you can do in your apartment/parents’ living room before work in the morning or when you get home later. You might not have fancy gym equipment or your favorite treadmill around, but you can easily get in a good sweat at home. Plus, youll get to look down on all your co-workers who didnt burn like, 500 calories before 9am.

2. Walk To Work

Unless youre living on the Lower East Side and your office is on 68th Street, try to walk to work if the weather is doable and you have the time. It might seem like a long walk compared to taking the subway or an Uber, but youll end up getting in a ton of steps that really add up. Youre sitting at a desk all day, so it wouldnt kill you to walk to work or home at the end of the day. If you need to pack your heels in a bag or even an extra top, do it. With a solid playlist and a Venti iced coffee, the time will fly by and youll feel good about it.

3. Take Unnecessary Long Routes Around The Office

Lets put it this way: The more steps you can get in throughout the day, the better. For example, skip the awkward elevator rides with co-workers and actually use the stairs to get to your office. I mean, if youre on the 40th floor, you can skip that, but if youre on a floor below ten, consider it. Plus, its obviously not legit exercise to walk to the bathroom and then back to your desk, but if you start going out of your way to get around the office, the steps will start adding up. Youll also be wasting time, which is an obvious plus. Like, one second youre peeing every 10 minutes, the next second its 5pm and everyones packing up. What a productive day. Good work.

4. Keep Snacks At Your Desk

The key to beating starvation and mindless snacking throughout the day is actually showing up with snacks. It sounds counter-intuitive to keep food around you at all times, but itll prevent you from chowing down on your offices bowl of Peanut M&Ms when you feel like youre gonna pass out mid-afternoon. Make sure to pack healthy snacks that will keep you full throughout the day, like unsalted cashews, berries, natural protein bars, and single-serving almond butter packets.

5. Be Strategic About Lunch

Everyone takes a lunch break, so its your decision whether you want to plan your strategy a bit in advance or be pressured into ordering in dumplings from Chinatown with your fellow interns who need the full New York experience. Um, no thanks. You might notice that the healthy, responsible people in the office bring their own lunch from home and leave it in the fridge, which is obviously the best option. But if you dont feel like cooking and prepping the night before, look up healthy spots near your office that can be your go-to for the summer. Theres no shame in ordering the same kale salad every day and pretending youre allergic to everything else.

6. Make Up Dietary Restrictions

It doesnt matter if you spend your whole year making fun of your gluten-free friends. When your office has a Donut Friday tradition, youre deathly Celiac and youre sooooo sad about it. The easiest way to get out of eating shit all day is to just say you physically cant eat it. I mean, no ones gonna pressure you to eat Monday morning bacon if you keep kosher. No ones gonna make you order in Chipotle if you break out from spicy food. Honestly, you could make shit up and no one would know that its not a real thing. Just make sure they dont catch you drunk-eating deep dish pizza on Saturday night.

7. Be The Beverage Bitch

Having a million beverages on you is keynot only at this internship, but in every aspect of life. Okay, thats a little dramatic, but if Karlie Kloss drinks a gallon of water a day, it cant hurt to get on board. Making sure youre drinking water all day will make you so much less hungry, so dont show up empty-handed. Bring at least a liter of water into the office with you everyday, and stock up on low-cal drinks like iced coffee, matcha, Diet Snapple, and green tea. Youll have to pee like 50 times before you make it to happy hour, but its worth it.

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Here’s A Week’s Worth Of Belly-Fat-Busting Workouts

Since theres no such thing as spot reduction, simply planking like your life depends on it wont help you lose belly fat. Combining cardio and strength work in the form of high-intensity interval training, however, will, says Elyse Miller, the certified personal trainer who created these routines. (Miller is all about quick, no-equipment fitnessaka our kind of trainer.) Research shows that when your exercise sessions include bursts of all-out work, you lose more belly fat (in addition to all-over body fat) than if youd worked at a lower but steadier intensity. And did we mention that these workouts take about 10 minutes each? Youre welcome, time-crunched women of the world!

Doing HIIT every single day isnt recommended (your muscles need some R&R so they can properly rebuild, and doing intense exercise every day can increase your risk of overuse injuries), so Miller suggests capping your HIIT sessions at four per week, plus two steady-state cardio sessions and a rest day.

Heres your schedule:

Monday/Day 1: Workout 1
Tuesday/Day 2: Workout 2
Wednesday/Day 3: 20- to 30-minute jog, or speed-walk
Thursday/Day 4: Workout 3
Friday/Day 5: Workout 5
Saturday/Day 6: 20- to 30-minute jog, or speed-walk
Sunday/Day 7: Rest!

For the Workouts
Do each exercise for 20 to 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds then move on to the next exercise. (When youre doing a single-leg, or single-side, move, do 20 to 30 seconds on each side before moving on to the next exercise.) Repeat the entire circuit two times. You can bump up the intensity by moving faster, while still maintaining good form, of course.


High Knees

Photo: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Run in place, bringing your knees up high and pumping your arms.

Mountain Climbers

Photo: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Get in a plank position, with your feet hip-distance apart. Pull one knee in toward your chest and continue to quickly alternate knees while keeping your upper body in a steady plank positiondont let your lower back sag toward the ground.

Make it harder: Do a cross-body mountain climber, bringing your knees across your body as though youre trying to touch your opposite elbow.

Lunge with a Twist

Photo: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Lunge forward, bending your front leg to 45 degrees and keeping your back leg straight and your back flat. Your hands should be in front of your chest in prayer position. Twist from your core and reach your hands toward the outside of your front foot. Rise back to starting position and repeat.

Front/Back Frog Hops

Photos: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Stand with legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart; squat down, pushing your butt out behind you, and touch the ground between your legs. Then hop up and forward, repeat the squat-floor touch, hop up and back and repeat. As youre going through the move, dont let your back arch or round when you try to touch the floor in the squat. Hinge forward from your hips instead.

Make it easier: If this is too hard on your knees, take the hop out and simply squat, touch the floor and repeat.

Bicycle Crunches

Photo: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Lay on your back with your legs straight and your hands behind your head. Raise your legs so your feet hover just above the floor. Bring one knee up and in toward your chest, lifting your shoulders off the floor and twisting your torso so your opposite elbow and knee meet. Alternate side-to-side. Your lower back should feel glued to the floor. If you feel it starting to arch, lift your legs higher off the floor.


Squat Jacks

Photos: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Stand with your feet together and your hands on your hips. Jump your feet out wide and squat down, pressing your butt and hips back out behind you. Jump your feet back together and straighten your legs, then repeat.

V-Up Abs

Photos: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Lay on your back with your arms over your head. Engage your core to raise your legs and upper body simultaneously, reaching your hands toward your toes so your body forms a V. Lower your legs and upper body back to the floor and repeat. You want to keep your lower back in contact with the floor throughout the movekeep your legs raised a little higher off the floor if you need to.

Make it easier: Keep your feet on the floor with your knees bent and perform a standard crunch while reaching your hands toward your heels. Make sure your abs are doing the work (not your neck) by lifting your chest up to the ceiling as you crunch.

Tuck Jumps

Photos: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Stand with your feet together. Hop straight up into the air while swinging your arms up to add momentum. Tuck your knees into your body in the air (let them naturally separate to hip-width-distance apart as you jump), then land back on the ground with knees slightly bent and feet together. Repeat.
Make it easier: If the tuck is too much, just do the jump, as if youre jumping rope.

Curtsy Lunges

Photo: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Stand with your feet together, hands on your hips. Take one large step forward so your legs are crossed as though youre about to do a curtsy. Lunge down in that position, rise back up to starting position and repeat.

Side-to-Side Wood Choppers

Photos: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Stand with your feet together and hands directly overhead, palms together. Hop to the right with feet together, lowering your hands and reaching to touch the outside of your right foot. Hop to the left, reaching your hands overhead, then lowering your hands to touch the outside of your left foot.


ABCs (Abs, Buns, Chest)

Photos: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Lay on your back and do two crunches, lifting your chest to the ceiling to avoid straining your neck. Roll forward and up a to standing position with your feet wide and do two squats. Place your hands on the ground and pop your feet back into a plank. Do two pushups (lower to your knees if you need to). Hop back to standing and do two squats before lowering your back to a flat position, where youll start the sequence over again. Dont rush this movego slowly until you get the hang of it, then gradually speed up once youve got your form down.

Make it harder: Instead of a regular squat, do jump squats, where you hop up into the air between reps.

Marching Farmer Squats

Photos: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Stand with your feet together and your arms hanging at your sides. Press your hips back and squat down, trying to touch your fingertips to the floor. Rise up, by pressing through your heels and squeezing your glutes. Lift one knee to hip height, return your foot back to the floor and drop back down into the squat. Rise up and lift the opposite knee to hip height and continue alternating knees as you squat.

Plank Jump-Ins

Photos: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Get into a plank position. Hop both feet forward toward your hands, so youre in a crouching position, with hands still on the ground. Immediately spring back into a plank position and repeat.
Make it easier: Hold a strong, stationary plank instead.

Star Jumps

Photos: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Stand with your feet together and arms at your sides. Drop into a slight squat and spring up into the air while extending your arms and legs outward into a star shape. Land softly, knees slightly bent, with legs back together and arms at your sides. Repeat.

Side-Plank Hold

Photo: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Get into a side-plank position, with your elbow directly below your shoulder. Try to maintain a straight line from your shoulders to your feet, so that your hips dont drop.

Make it harder: Add outer thigh lifts by raising your top leg up and down while holding the plank.


Jump-Switch Lunges

Photo: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Get into a standard lunge position, with both knees bent at 90 degrees and your back knee an inch, or two, off the floor. As you rise out of the lunge, jump up and switch legs in the air then land with the opposite leg in front. Lunge again and repeat. Dont let your front knee go past your toes in the lunge position.

Make it easier: You can take the hop out and simply do continuous lunges on one leg before switching to the other side.

Skater Jumps

Photo: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Stand in an athletic position with your knees slightly bent. Jump to the right, landing on your right foot, and cross your left leg behind your right ankle, softly tapping the ground with your left foot. Repeat the movement to the left, naturally pumping your arms for momentum as you jump back and forth.

Squat with Thigh Kick

Photos: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Stand with legs slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Squat down, pushing your butt and hips back, so your knees are bent to 90 degrees. Rise up, pushing through your heels and squeezing your glutes. Lift one leg up and out to the side. Bring your leg down and squat again. Repeat, alternating legs for the side lift.


Photos: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lower down into a squat, place your hands on the floor in front of your feet and kick your legs back into a plank position. Do one pushup (go to your knees if you need to). Hop your feet forward, stand up and jump straight up into the air. Repeat.

Make it easier: Take out the pushup or the jump.

Make it harder: Jump into a star position (arms and legs extended out to your sides) instead of a straight jump.

Seated Leg Lifts

Photo: Courtesy of Elyse Miller

Sit on the floor with your legs extended straight out in front of you and your back completely straight. Hug one knee into your chest and lift the other leg about 12 inches off the ground. Slowly lower the leg, lightly tapping your foot to the ground, and repeat. Try not to let your upper back hunch forward.

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